Special civil engineering

  • Sheet pile work
  • Construction of excavation pits incl. shoring
  • Installation of sheet piles incl. static dimensioning
  • Structural concrete work e.g. bridge construction
  • Construction of special structures

High-frequency driving of sheet pile profiles by means of a driving ram. The driving ram can be used to drive U-shaped sheet piles up to 10 m long into the ground. With this driving method, the piles are driven to the planned setting depth by vibration. The advantage of the low-vibration driving method is that the work can also be carried out in the vicinity of existing structures. In contrast to conventional methods, such as pressing or pile driving, this method is relatively flexible due to its installation on a mobile attachment. The integrated screed receiver means that there is no need for additional lifting equipment for feeding the screeds.

This method can be used, for example, to construct slope stabilization or excavation pits with sheet pile shoring.